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Build a beautiful patio, driveway, walkway or retaining wall on your property in southeastern Michigan. The contractors at Chimney Rescue Squad in Grass Lake and Ann Arbor, Michigan provide expert masonry and waterproofing services. Our waterproofing services include a lifetime guarantee. If your masonry shows any signs of water damage after we’ve waterproofed it, we’ll redo our service free of charge. Call today to find out more.

Read about the pros and cons of stone and brick

Read about the pros and cons of stone and brick

Are you trying to decide which type of material to use when building your patio or driveway? Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of the two most often used:

  • Brick is typically less expensive to install than natural stone.
  • Brick and natural stone are both very durable.
  • Exposure to sun, ice and salt can cause the color of your stone patio to fade.
  • Bricks chip easily, but they can also be easily repaired.

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