Outdoor Fireplaces, Fire Pits & Outdoor Kitchen Installation in Ann Arbor and Grass Lake, MI

The Chimney Rescue Squad Does More Than Just Chimney Cleaning!

Why stay inside on such a beautiful night? Take your dinner parties outside this summer with a custom outdoor kitchen built by the professionals at Chimney Rescue Squad. We’ll design a gorgeous space with you that you can use for preparing, cooking and sharing meals in your own personal great outdoors.

Call 734-662-2591 or 734-485-8331 to speak with a Chimney Rescue Squad contractor about your plans.

3 other things our crew can do for you

3 other things our crew can do for you

Transform your entire landscape with a little help from Chimney Squad. We can:

  • Build a custom deck in your backyard.
  • Install a rail by the steps to your deck or back door.
  • Install state-of-the-art LED and low-voltage lighting in your yard.

Make your home reflect the beautify of southeastern Michigan. Reach out to Chimney Rescue Squad in Ann Arbor and Grass Lake, MI to schedule a meeting with an experienced contractor.