Trust the Ann Arbor and Grass Lake, MI-Based Chimney Rescue Squad

Chimney Cleaning Service & Fireplace Repair

Ash, dirt and debris in your fireplace or chimney can impact more than just your Christmas gathering. A dirty chimney can prevent proper ventilation. Even worse, the built-up soot can easily catch fire. Thankfully, Chimney Rescue Squad is standing by to help. Our fireplace pros will clean out your chimney and repair any damage we find. We’re located in Grass Lake, MI, and we serve clients throughout southeastern Michigan, including Ann Arbor, Monroe, Jackson and Lansing.

7 things our chimney cleaning service will do for you

7 things our chimney cleaning service will do for you

Your fireplace isn’t self-cleaning. Regular maintenance can keep your chimney and fireplace attractive and fully functional for years to come. The experts at Chimney Rescue Squad will:

  1. Rebuild your fire box
  2. Replace your chimney liner
  3. Fix your crown molding
  4. Fix your flashing
  5. Repair any issues on your hearth or mantel
  6. Install your mantel
  7. Install custom glass fireplace doors

All of our work includes a 10-year warranty. Call 734-662-2591 or 734-485-8331 to schedule a service appointment at your home in southeastern Michigan.